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Cost: Starts from £300

Cover design is so, so, so, so important. Why? Because even online the first thing you’ll see is the book cover And on the shelf in store it’s a deal-breaker. The spine is also so, so, so, so important. The whole jacket needs to be designed well, not just the front cover.

And again it’s necessary to get the essential design elements right here. You may want to get an illustrated cover, in which case you’ll need to pay for both illustration and cover design – potentially the same person will do both – or you’ll need to pay two people.


We work with incredible illustrators and book cover designers. You could have a photograph-led cover, or a typography-led cover. What you don’t want is a cheap looking amateur cover because no matter how good the book is inside; the outside won’t do the sales job it needs to.


Look at what covers are working in your category by going online and checking out the top 100 in your genre, or popping to your local bookshop and checking out the bestsellers list. Pick up the book, check out the spine, the back cover, as well as the front cover. What is working there can work for you too!

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