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A Readers’ Report (also known as a Manuscript Critique)

Cost: Starts from £50

We strongly recommend that everyone considering going down the route of self-publishing adds one of these to their shopping list. This is essential for you to know what needs to be done to your manuscript to get it into a publishable state, but it will also advise on the type of editing you’ll require, which genres/categories the book would work well in, what sort of audience it should appeal to, and even provide some suggestions of elements you could add/change/delete to make it perfect. If you’re thinking of going for a literary agent down the line, this document will be invaluable in your pitching. A Reader’s Report/ Manuscript Critique involves one of our team going through the manuscript and making comments on Word using Track Changes. It doesn’t include an edit or proofread. The Report will provide more detail and most importantly, next steps, for you and your manuscript. This can be for fiction or non-fiction.

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