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The Author School was founded in 2015 by award-winning book publicist and journalist, Helen Lewis and bestselling, award-winning children's/YA author, Abiola Bello bringing together decades of experience in the publishing industry. 


We are really proud to be able to offer you a complete range of services to help you self-publish your book to a high quality level. This is the same team that publish bestselling books at Hashtag Press ( The biggest problem with self-publishing is its reputation. And this is due to the, frankly, rubbish books that are being churned out quickly that are full of typos, on cheap paper, with an awful cover design that has been hashed together last minute.

The truth is, self-publishing can be a wonderful thing. So many doors can open for an author with the publication of their book… but it’s so important to make sure that the book represents you to the optimum, which is why we make tailor-make a plan for every book.

We have seen self-published books thrive, particularly when they are produced to the best possible quality, and have gone through a production process that is good enough to rival the traditional process. There is no reason why you can’t have a beautiful book if you’re self-publishing.

Depending on your budget, your timeframe, your goals and ambitions, we have put together a range of self-publishing services for everyone! You can cherry pick the elements you want, to suit your budget, or you can ask us for advice and we’ll recommend what we think you need to achieve your goals!

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